Geoffrey Grier has a wealth of experience with the Bay Area theatre community, as a writer, actor, director and producer. He heads up San Francisco Recovery Theatre, whose mission is to meet people where they are, provide a medium of communication and deliver a message of hope, consequence and solutions. Geoffrey also hosts the Mr. Geoffrey Show, a local on-line show that focuses on the issues, concerns and events of the Tenderloin community. He holds a degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University and has had on-the-job training, theatre experience and many years as a group facilitator at various treatment centers in San Francisco. Geoffrey feels that theatre production is the only safe place that people of different cultures, races and religious backgrounds can experience the lifestyle of another without feeling threatened. While many people are still battling substance abuse, mental health, or housing problems, it becomes a formidable task for Recovery Theatre to assist those in need to transcend them to a healthier, progressively positive life.