Lanier Graham is well-known as an educator with an international reputation. That includes his work as an art historian, curator, and professor, and as an author and editor who has sold over a million books. His poetry has been published in America, Europe, Australia, and Japan.  He is described as an “Artist-Poet” because most of his work involves being both at the same time.

His work as a visual artist is difficult to separate from his work as a poet. He rarely writes poems he does not illustrate in a book format. He rarely makes a drawing or a collage that he does not accompany with a poem. In other words, he uses his left/right brain at the same time.

Mr. Graham’s work on educational books is equally bimodal.  For most of the books he has written or edited on the history of art, culture, and consciousness, he also has directed the visual dimension of the presentation as the book’s art director or designer.  The list of this group of books, catalogs, and exhibition brochures has over 100 citations.