SESSION 3 (Munich): Monument Making

October 7 & 8, 2022, 4–7pm CET. Virtual
As part of the Past Statements – Present Futures convening at Haus der Kunst
“Recent debates in both Munich and throughout the world have been grappling with the question of whether the monuments in our cities are in fact truly representative of our contemporary ideals. Clearly, this is not always the case, as monuments from past times necessarily express past statements. What do we do with this discrepancy? And how can a diverse, democratic present address the past in a contemporary state of mind? Hence, the very act of collective remembering itself has gained relevance – as has the question of how contemporary ways of remembering can manifest themselves in new forms.  With both a transnational perspective and focus on the city of Munich, the forum will seek to critically debate the very act of collective remembering itself. Engaging with a diverse range of artists, especially those focused on transdisciplinary artistic forms, as well as thinkers, philosophers, and activists whose research and practice is devoted to the historical dimension of the contemporary moment.”
In partnership with Haus der Kunst and the City Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich and Freispiel Kulturagentur.